Ten Minute Tasty Asparagus & Rice

I am very excited to share this recipe with you! I have already made this recipe 3 times since stumbling upon it @ 101cookbooks. It’s definitely a keeper and a  quick go to after a long day of work! Also, … Continue reading

A few thoughts.

Today’s topic: Marathon’s. Half marathons. Have you done one before? Is it on your bucketlist? Although I’m still in a bit of shock, I am training for my first marathon here and it’s coming fast!

So far the training has been alot easier than I expected, which is making me a wee bit nervous. This week will be my last long run before the big day (11miles). I am trying to focus on finishing in a time that is reasonable for me (not fast by any means!)

Some things I’ve learned:

    • Take each run as it comes and don’t push yourself too hard. Especially if this is your first big race, you want to walk away with not only a feeling of accomplishment but also a newfound love for running.
    • Don’t expect every run to be better than the last, we all have off days. If today’s run didn’t go so hot, don’t let it get you down; start with a clean slate the next time and just do your best.
    • Drink! I know carrying water is a bore… but it’s soo important to stay hydrated. You really do preform better & feel better. My personal rule is if I’m running further than 6 miles, I carry water.
    • I have also gotten into the habit of brining sports energy chews. I feel that they really help me during those tough lows, when my legs and hips are screaming, they provide just enought of a boost to get me to my next wind. I like these and these.

And of course there are a lot of other important things to keep in mind like stretching, strength-training and so on.. I do plan on featuring posts in the future on nutrition for the active herbivore, so make sure to check back for more!

These are just some of my thoughts for the day. Happy running :)


Sharpen your pencils..

September always gives me a feeling of a new beginning. I have the urge to go out and buy beautifully lined notebooks and perfectly pointy pencils.  Although, I have not been in school for sometime now, I love this time of year because we all have an opportunity to move ahead, set new goals and conquer new things. For me, I’ve decided to start this blog (I know, I know…I’m clearly a ‘You’ve Got Mail’ fan).

My name is Kelsey, and I am 99% vegan. And although my main motivation for becoming vegan is for health reasons, I am becoming more and more aware of the way our diet affects not only our own bodies but the animals and the world around us. As I grow in this understanding I feel the need to share what I learn with others.

When I tell people I’m vegan I usually get a range of responses but some that I hear quite often are…”Eating healthy is so expensive, I just couldn’t afford to do that!” or “I don’t know enough about all those weird foods you eat.” and of course the classic, “where do you get your protein?”

Therefore my goal in beginning this blog is to help you to find ways to easily, affordably, and confidently incorporate more plant-based choices into your everyday life. I want to be there each step of the way as you learn that eating healthfully is not so intimidating but something that you can truly enjoy!

I am also looking forward to improving my skills and being more informed about the foods that I eat everyday.

Thank you so much for checking out Healthful Herbivore. Let the new year begin :)